Series on the Mass

A four Part Series


Part I - September 10, 2019

Subpart A


Subpart B

Subpart C

Part II - October 8, 2019


Part III - November 12, 2019

Subpart A

Subpart B

Part IV - December 3, 2019


Subpart A

Subpart B


A new era in evangelization!


Father Praveen Lakkisetti brings a new breath to Christ the King, where his mission is to teach the church the ways and reasons we participate in celebrating the Holy Mass.

The four part series will run into December of 2019. The sessions will be recorded and edited for shorter version.

Come and get the full experience of learning with Father Praveen.

The dates for the four part series are as follows:

  1. Tuesday, September 10, 2019       7:00 PM
  2. Tuesday, October 8, 2019             7:00 PM
  3. Tuesday, November 12, 2019     7:00 PM
  4. Tuesday, December 3, 2019         7:00 PM


Christ the King Catholic Church            2610 Perez Street                                  San Antonio, Texas 78207